Uniquely handcrafted video and sound assets straight to your inbox

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Uniquely handcrafted video and sound tools straight to your inbox

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not an animator? you don't have to be.

Level up your YouTube or Tiktok video editing game with these easy-to-use video and sound assets.
No plugins required, just drag-and-drop. Watch your viewers enjoy UNIQUE and CAPTIVATING animated assets layered over your video content!


100 Animated Retro Assets

Get ready to go back to the decade of the revolutionary oddballs. 100 assets that will take your viewers for an old-school retro trip they can never get enough of.


Stranger Sounds Vol. 1

200 Sound Assets

Dive into the bizarre melodies of the misfits and the symphony of the lost. Are you brave enough to answer the call of the unfamiliar?


Sketch & Doodle Elements

30 Hand Drawn Animated Assets

Blow up your notification box with these 30 hand drawn animated stickers. Treat your viewers to a visual trip of your fun side.


Sketch & Doodle Elements
for YouTube and Social Media

20 Hand Drawn Animated Assets

Ever heard of thumb-magnets? 20 hand drawn assets for Youtube and other social media video content.


Sketch & Doodle Animated Font (Inline)

73 Hand Drawn Animated Assets

Be heard. Say it in style. 73 assets to help you get your message across. Numbers, uppercase letters, lower case letters, special characters.. the works.


Sketch & Doodle Frames

20 Hand Drawn Animated Assets

Let your framing do the talking. 20 hand drawn animated frames to make your videos insanely good


created to make your life a whole lot easier

Our drag-and-drop video packs are super easy to use, it will shave hours off the editing process, and make your content look stunning.

Equip yourself with a Film Cereal video pack today and save yourself hours of stressful editing work!

No plugins required

Available in 1080p and 4K

Transparent Background

Compatible with your favorite softwares

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Drag & Drop

hot deals

Limited time only!!!

Retroriffic Bundle

200 Sound Assets | 100 Video Assets

Limited Time Offer



Sketchotopia Vol. 1

Over 300 Hand Drawn Animated Assets

Limited Time Offer



free stuff

Bacon FX

From pizza to pastry, to filmmaking. Bacon goes with everything. ‘Nuff said.


Stranger Sounds Mini Collection

A collection of sonic peculiarities. Sleep at your own risk tonight.


Benjamins FX

MAKE IT RAIN! Just drag and drop. Let the screen do the flaunting.


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