5 Steps To Edit Videos For YouTube

Abigail Calzada

Abigail Calzada

When you’re new to video content creation and cannot wait to upload your work on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, learning how to use any video editing software can prove to be quite the challenge.

Studies have found that 40% to 80% of people who learn new skills drop out midway through the process.

But living in today’s world, creating and uploading video content has never been easier. Simple and free video editors like YouTube Studio are available online to help you practice basic editing skills and gain the confidence you need to help you succeed.

And so, let’s walk through the simple 5 step process of video editing using YouTube Studio and get you closer to uploading your first viral content.

YouTube Studio

YouTube offers its very own built-in video editor through which you can perform basic video editing, add music, and blur faces and other areas in your clips. These features may be all you need for a simple video.

Step 1: Sign in to YouTube Studio

Go to studio.youtube.com and sign in to your account. Once signed in, check out the left sidebar. The sidebar shows you the options available to manage your channel.

Step 2: Go to Content and upload video

Click on “content” and find the thumbnail of the video you wish to edit. If you haven’t uploaded a video yet, do this by clicking on “upload” and then pick a video from your computer or any other source you’re using.

Once your video is uploaded, click on it to open “video details”.

Step 3: Open Video Editor

Click on the thumbnail of your chosen video and check the left sidebar for the “Editor” option. Select to open the YouTube Studio video editing suite. This is where the magic happens.


Step 4: Trimming and Splitting

Right above the timeline panel next to the video’s time is where you can find the “Trim” option. Click on it and a blue bar will appear at the start and end of the video.

Hover over the bar and drag it to your desired starting and endpoints. Once you’ve selected the area you want to keep, trimming it will cut and delete the sections outside your selection.

If you want to trim a portion in the middle of the video, you may use the “Split” feature instead.

When you’re done trimming your video, use the preview option to check your progress.

Step 5: Add an “End Screen”

End screens or end cards are essential in creating your identity and brand as a creator. This lets you connect more to your viewers and allows them to discover more of your channel.

End screens are a powerful tool that can be added to the last 5–20 seconds of your video. These can help extend watch time on your channel by directing viewers to something next at the end of your videos. You may use them to lead viewers to other related videos, playlists, call for subscriptions, or promote your website or merchandise.

Seeing all the benefits of using an end card, it goes without saying that making sure your end cards are visually remarkable and are a standout is a pro move.


Downloadable End Screens that look good and are designed for YouTube are available at filmcereal.com. Check out their collection of the quirkiest drag-and-drop video assets. From retro to sketch and doodles, Back To The 90s VFX Pack and Sketchotopia Vol 1 both contain YouTube end cards that are uniquely handcrafted to make it easier for you to paint your personality all over your videos.

To add YouTube end cards, follow these simple steps:

Click on the “+” to “Add Element” on the “End scene” track.

You can find this on the bottom left of the timeline panel. Then select the element you would like to add.

Now give your video a final preview, and when you’re happy with your edits, click save and you’re good to go.

Although YouTube Studio is pretty straightforward in its functions, more advanced video editing cannot be done here. Third-party apps and software like iMovieInShot, and Adobe Premiere Rush can be used for more robust editing needs.

What is your favorite video editing software? Share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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