5 Tips to Make Saucy Instagram Videos

Abigail Calzada

Abigail Calzada

There’s a ton of instagram videos out there. Making one that really stands out is no easy feat. Not only are there massive other videos that also vie for our audiences’ attention, there’s also not so much that we can do with our videos because of all the restrictions implemented by the platform.

Here are tips that we can use to help us head on to our way to making stunning and remarkable Instagram videos.

Export Settings



Before exporting anything, it is going to save us a lot of time if we check and nail the export settings.

Export your video in MP4 format with H.264 codec and AAC audio and keep your finished export under 4GB as this is the maximum that Instagram allows for now.

With all the limitations that Instagram has, with file size being one of them, the aspect ratio and dimensions below will give you optimum quality for your videos without breaking Instagram’s rules.


Go Tall



Vertical videos give off their own flavor in the game with their unique look and feel. Give your videos maximum real estate on the screens.

These aspect ratios that are Insta-safe to use are waiting for your creative magic:

Landscape : [1920p x 1080p]

Square : [1080p x 1080p]

Portrait : [1080p x 1350p]

Instagram Stories : [1080p x 1920p]


Let’s go in circles



When Instagram gives you auto-looping features, make a never-ending video using it. Create videos where the beginning and end of your clip perfectly match so that the video appears to loop seamlessly.


Split Video



You can play around with how you present your videos because of all the extra height by using taller videos on Instagram. One way of doing this is by doing a video split.

You can do behind the scenes. multiple camera angles of the same shot, before and after scenes, and a whole lot more! Your only limit is your mind.


Video Length



There are different length requirements for Instagram feed videos, Instagram Story videos, IGTV videos, Instagram ads, and Instagram Live.

Not to worry, a cheat sheet has been prepared for you:

  • Instagram Feed Video Length: 3 seconds – 60 seconds
  • Instagram Story Video Length: 15 seconds max per Story card
  • IGTV Video Length: 15 seconds – 10 minutes (up to 1 hour for some accounts)
  • Instagram Live Video Length: up to 60 minutes
  • Instagram Feed Video Ad Length: 3 seconds – 120 seconds
  • Instagram Story Video Ad Length: up to 120 seconds

Bonus Tip: Sound brings your video to a whole new different level. Just remember, not everything sounds good on phone speakers. Make it a point to pick your sounds that do well on small or low quality speakers.

This article was brought to life by the art and illustrations of Christina Doromal.

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