Film Techniques: The Emotion of Color

Abigail Calzada

Abigail Calzada

Passion, femininity, insanity, how do you even begin translating those in film? — Colors.

Color sets the tone of the film even before a single sound is heard. Colors are like weapons we can use in filmmaking. To give us the power to direct our viewers’ emotions and desires, we must learn how to utilize color psychology in our films.

To understand color psychology more, here’s a guide that’s not only informative but has also proven to save filmmakers lives.

We put together this color psychology guide.

Psychology of Color In Film

By this point, you probably are excited to get back to your station and apply color techniques to your films. Before doing that, take note of the 3 factors that can help you more with your color decisions:


Where we can set the mood of the film by tweaking only the colors that are present on the screen. 


Playing with the saturation allows us to match the tone to the mood that we’re trying to go for with our story.


This function reminds you that you are the mood setter in the story. Increase or decrease it according to the feel that you are communicating. Be in control of your film’s color psychology.

To inspire you more on this colorful journey, you might want to read about how famous movies set the mood of their films. Find out here.

And just like that, you are now set to experiment on those colors and send out waves of emotions!

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