Is The Pixel 3A Good for Filmmaking

Is the Pixel 3A good for Filmmaking?

Abigail Calzada

Abigail Calzada

Almost everyone now has a cellphone. It is a common sight to see people dangling their phones around trying to take decent shots. The point, click, upload combo move seems like the most used sequence of action nowadays. But are camera phones enough to shoot a film?

If you proudly own a Pixel 3A, here are some details that can help you know your weapon of choice for filmmaking greatness better.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL by Google became the first camera manufacturer to ever partner with legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz. One can expect top performance when it comes to shooting photographs and videos.

The Pixel 3 series is said to represent the high-water mark for smartphone photography today. This is made possible through a combination of great optics and well-executed artificial intelligence.

The Pixel 3a produces files that could be pushed and processed to a greater extent more than the top phones available. This is given that Pixel 3a includes raw photo capture out of the box. And also that it is a phone, the details and malleability of the files produced are out of this world.

Let’s look at the shadows. The computational imaging, the “brains” behind the lenses, surprisingly lifts the shadows and contains highlights better than my previous phones in the past.

And talking about computational imaging, you can really see it at work on night mode. Through numerous exposures and lining them up expertly and then combining them, the Pixel 3a is able to lift shadows and protect highlights better than any phone out there.

Now is Pixel 3 the best smartphone for filmmaking? To each his own. Some would say phones can never beat DSLR and maybe they’re right. But it never hurts to carry around a phone that can suit your needs during emergency shoots or even in capturing those moments that cannot wait for a bulky camera to be set up. After all, the best camera is the one you have with you.

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