Bacon FX


Breakfast, anyone? Bacon FX served fresh!

No plugins required

Available in 1080p
and 4K


Compatible with your favorite software

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Drag & Drop

Munch down.
Instantly transform your projects into videos that will tickle your viewers’ taste buds!


That’s right! Add some meat to your reel.
And bacon, my fellow cereal filmmakers, is always a good idea.


vfx for premiere pro


This pack includes 7 video assets that are sure to spice up your projects.
Wanna know the best part?



VFX for Premiere Pro


What are you waiting for? No more boring videos!
Add flavor to your videos with the Bacon FX now.


VFX for Premiere Pro


Super easy to use! Just drag it, then drop it.
All you really have to do is download the pack now!

Unleash your filmmaking by unleashing bacon on the scene.
Make your viewers hungry for more.


Be the one to bring home the bacon!


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