Stranger Sounds SFX

200 original HORROR Sound FX, 5 organized categories,

Stranger Sounds Volume 1 is the ultimate horror SFX pack that will surely increase your viewers’ heartbeats and your workflow speed!

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Stranger Sounds SFX Overview
See the powerful ways Stranger Sounds SFX can transform your projects.
Turn up the weirdness!

Say goodbye to the agonizing hours of searching the internet for sound effects that eerily fit your spook fest and say hello to this one-stop source for all things strange and bizarre. 

Compatible with your all your favorite software:

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro X

Spook your audience with:
Blood and guts that gross out your viewers and leave even the strongest of stomachs feeling queasy!
Creepy ambiance to build unbearable suspense and prime them for the jump-scare of their life!
Action riser for a trailer that will get your fans pumped for your bizarre yet creepy film.
And 100+ more sound effects you can use to build the perfect fright!
Stranger Sounds SFX Vol 1.

200 Original Sound Effects

5 Distinct Categories: Abstract, Glitches, Hits, Risers, Undertones

Compatible with all editing software

Download your files instantly

Includes a Commercial License 

Buy Now. Download Anytime.
ONE-STOP Tension Source

The experimental and bold sounds in this library help fine-tune the emotion in your film.

They strike a balance between creativity and tension. But it’s the kind of tension you feel before a spooky encounter, before “something” happens, or right before the villain is revealed.

Highly Versatile

Rather than bombard you with quantity, we believe that it’s better to provide an organized set of essential effects that work great on their own and play well with each other.

Combining multiple effects will give you limitless options to craft a dynamic soundscape tailored directly to your film.

5 Distinct Categories

With 200 original effects across 5 useful categories, you’ll be able to quickly find the perfect sounds.

Universally Compatible

The sounds are professionally mastered and compatible with all major editing platforms, including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve, and more.

Final Cut Pro X

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

Da Vinci Resolve

Frequently Asked Questions
Stranger Sounds and our other sound packs can be used with any major video or audio editing programs. These include, but are not limited to (don’t worry) Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Apple Logic Pro X, and many more. Our packs are available to be downloaded both in WAV and MP3 formats so y’all won’t have to go through converting files for your project.
It depends on your project. In general, WAV forms are uncompressed and are larger in size than the MP3 format but will allow you more audio bit depth and sample rates. MP3 are easier to work with because of their size but may also give you a limited frequency to play around with. Good thing our sound effect packs contain files for both formats so you can go ahead and chill!
Of course fam! You can use any of our collections here for ANY project. Go crazy with them! Just don’t sell ‘em, lease, distribute, trade, or otherwise exploit our packs in any manner, don’t modify or recreate the packs to make money out of ‘em cause we’re sure you can do better original ones. These packs, these artforms, are extensions of the artists behind these creations. Let’s show them some of our love and support!

Take these home!

Before you leave, make sure you claim YOUR FREE Pack and 20% discount coupon!


Take these home!

Before you leave, make sure you claim YOUR FREE Pack and 20% discount coupon!